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Monday, April 23, 2012

We got here and Life is GOOD!

I LOVE YOU!!!!   So everything went fine we got here and life is good the mission president and his wife are really cool and they are going to try to make me fat :(.  I am so excited to be here!  They are sending me to Chicoio(? not sure if thats right) and they are way into this personality color thing, they said I am a pure white, they said there as another elder that is the whitest person they have ever met, which is funny cause i have been the whitest kid ever in the other way lol.  Anyhow I am way happy I am finally here, it's awesome and the humidity is amazing I feel sooooo much better now.  Just wanted to let you know I made it here and I love it already!!! KAPLAGH!
com amor,
Missão Moçambique Maputo

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