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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Johannesburg, South Africa

SO After a 10 hour layover in London and 15 hour flight, Alex is in Johannesburg. They found some of their luggage so went hunting for the rest and ended up missing their overbooked flight.  So Alexander got to eat some Kentucky Fried Chicken at the airport while waiting for the next one.  Julie Jensen at the MTC Travel section answered the phone at 2am to get them on the next flight. I am going to have to send her a nice Thank You!! We hope Alex' mission president knows what's going on as Alex only has his number at work and he's on his way to the airport. 
It was great talking to him again. He slept on the flight, said he woke up when the wheels hit the runway. Said it was great to sleep through all the pressure changes.  I guess I'm not getting any pictures of Africa from the air!  He feels like he's a million miles from home.  He said that he can't understand anyone there though they seem to be speaking English.  I hope he gets to the mission home safe and timely and gets some sleep!
So exciting!

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  1. Such adventures and a beginning of a new chapter in your life. Can hardly wait for the next post.