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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Opening pop bottles with your teeth

Still no new pictures :( but here is some news:  I had told Alex that Elizabeth had a date... also we talked about missionaries being released in their area when their parents came to pick them up.  Alex will be flying 72 hours from Mozambique to Lafayette.

Here is his letter!

There are a few people who's families are coming to pick them up, but honestly I want the whole homecoming experience anyhow!  I would however love to come back with all you guys here in a little bit and show you just how wierd it is here!!!  
    On a more serious note I trust you completely, BUT I am not at all happy about the idea of Elizabeth going on a date, much less with some one named Shaun (do I know Shaun? how old is Shaun? Hair color? Pics? Blood type? Eye color? Urinalysis? Teeth? Lineage? Hobbies?) Anyhow I am kinda joking but I obviously don't like being so far away when my baby sister is going on dates!!!!  I did get the box!!!  It was awesome!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!!  BUAWHAHAHA!!! Thankjs for the tie tacks!!!  It always such an amazing feeling to get a box!!!  Also I loved the macadamia nut cookies!!!  SO GOOD!!!!  
     So 2mac's name is Manuel Joao Dias.  I do have fun stories, let me think...ummm jeese I cannot think of anything right now!!!  OH you know those sealed bottles that have caps for which you need the bottle opener? Well we taught a family whose daughter would open them all the time with her teeth!!!  There are lots of ways to open those bottles and I will demonstrate a few when I return but my favorite is just holding the top against a table or something solid and hitting the cap as hard as I can!  That one hurts the least!  I will try to think of more fun stuff for next week but I just think it will be so much more fun to stay up all night telling you guys this stuff in person!!!  LOVE YOU!!!! Dig Faster Terrific Bald Artist!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So Momma what I meant by pedraitric dental hygenist  I actually meant Dentist but was unaware that they were not one and the same...and I thought it would make me look smart to say it in the most complicated way possible!  I am now writing both of you beautiful lovely briliant daughters and I feel so blessed to have them write me!!!  

     The work here is going well, I feel as if I am working in Tatooine because we had a type of sand storm yesterday and I had sand everywhere...all orifices of my body!!!  ungood not nice!!!   However we found a member family here that is super nice the husband is a returned missionary and wants to work with us to help the work here, he also gave us three referals who are all families and we are super excited to meet them.  I hope everything goes well with Philip and the wedding and such!!!   Lovez DFTBA!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So sorry for hardly writing you last week I was somewhat distraught about transfers and couldn't even think about what to write!!!  Now I am in Magoanine(magwaneenee) and it is the strongest branch I have served in up to now!  I can just focus all my energy on missionary work!  And ignore everything else!!!  We are working super hard but have 0 investigators so we are pretty much starting from scratch and we are spending a lot of time walking around in the sandy streets trying to do contacts meaning find the people that want to learn about the gospel!  I am exhausted at the end of every day just totally physically drained!  It's really nice and I hope it stays that way and I hope the sand will give me some super sexy thighs and calves!!!!   WOOWOO!!!  They're sore every day so I can't imagine how this could not happen!!!  I am also reading in the book of psalms these days and am enjoying it immensely!  Psalms has so much fun stuff in it!   Also I have been brainstorming with one of the elders in my hows about possible jobs for me and I am seriously thinking about become a Pediatric dental hygenist!  I am thinking it would be super nice to get a degree in that and a degree in business management so I can open my own clinic and make my own hours!!!!  MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Of course I will suffer a little season while trying to make the money in order to start said clinic but...PERKS=HUGE!!!!  Then when I'm olde I will pay somebody else to run the place and retire!!!!  YAY!!!!  Your thoughts on this plan would be greatly appreciated!!!!  LOVE YOU KAPLAHG!!!!