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Monday, May 28, 2012


 This is Elder Hadlock draped in all Capulana!
 This is a shopa (from tron!(joke))
 This is our house!!
 My companion with a chair on his head!
 Spelder Awbrey with Elder Hadlock on his last day in chimoio...
 MY DESK(epidomy of organized right?)
Elder Anderson who also left chimoio!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Skype

We got to talk to Alexander today on Skype.  If you don't Skype, it's a really easy videoconferencing and it's free.  So we got to see him too. He looks great! He said the food was great and he could shop there.  He buys cake mixes, chicken and rice.  There is a restaurant close by that sells terrific chicken with fries and salad.  He said the people had been really nice to him and are nice about helping and sharing.  He was amazed at all the stars he could see!  And there are monkeys but he hasn't gotten close to one yet.  They seem to be afraid of him. 

He's taking pictures but we won't get them until an elder is heading home to the US and can take an SD card with him to mail for us once he gets here. We mailed Alex a box two weeks ago and it hasn't arrived yet.  We were also told that they are only allowed to receive two boxes a year because of the cost of paying customs and the time it takes to transport them to the missionaries from the mission home.  So we won't be sending boxes for a while. But he is taking pictures! We will just get a bunch all at one time.  I'll put them up when I get them!

He sounded in good spirits and seems to be very happy there.  He is working hard on his Portuguese.  I sure look forward to some pictures! He said it looks just like Lion King there... he asked around to see if Pride Rock was anywhere nearby, but no luck yet. I'm sure he'll take great pics when he finds it!