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Monday, April 23, 2012

He's in Chimoio!

THANKS MOM YOU ROC!!!  This place is way wierd I am still brand spanking new here so I don't have a whole lot to say do send...sorry I am going to work on getting some pictures of the apartment and everything else for you but it's wierd its hard to describe everything right now.  My companion is way cool as is my district...the money is new (lol) we are in a bike area OH and I am serving in chimoio it's near the middle of mozambique and it is the coldest place int the country.  I might write u multiple emails because u wrote me multiple so yea I LERVE EWE!!!!        KAPLAGH!!!!!!!!!

ZOMG mom u roc.  I am sorry I didnt get to talk to you after jo-burg(johannesburg) but the president just had us send an email to let u know we arrived in one piece(which I may have sent to the wrong E-Mail :( ) But anyhow my companion is from cape verde which is a group of islands u cant see off the most north western tip of africa, he speaks great portuguese and is teaching me and i am teaching him english :)  Our house is better than i imagined and i am excited to send you pictures of it.  I havent done any real proselyting yet and sunday we saw conference(lol).  The elders here say it is really hard to write letters back and forth so they just E-mail everyone which I might end up doing but I am going to try writing letters because I can think and type it seems.  while i was in mozambique we took a few shopas which are basicaly vans with more seats and they are used as busses which cost 5 meticais per ride so its a cheap way to get around but we will be riding bikes in my area...I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.  The president and his wife are really cool, they like all the ties I have worn so far (lol), they have a color system for classifying missionaries red, yellow, white, and blue its a psycology thing the said and everyone is one of those colors I am white with quite a bit of blue my companion is yellow there is one blue elder in my district and the rest are white as well, I don't know how to explain well but it should be easy to find out more about it online.  I will try to find more to write about next week but i love you all and hope you are all doing well!!!   KAPLAGH!!!!!!

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  1. Really enjoy reading your emails. So thankful for the internet and connections with love ones. I know you'll do great. How cool that you have a companion to help you be fluent. We love you, Grandma and Grandad Awbrey