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Sunday, January 27, 2013

 There´s a frog in my shoe!!!  It´s kinda hard to see but it´s in there!!!!
 I bought this slingshot for about $2 and this is Elder De Oliveira PRETENDING to shoot this random guy!!!
 We were walking y when we noticed royalty sitting on a throne!  These kids are super creative there were a lot of things they built with these blocks!  The blocks are used through a process I would like to learn more about to build roads!
 Look at the top of the unbrella...
I was commanded to touch the indian ocean so here is a video of me touch the atlant uh indian ;) ocean!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

                                                                     More pigs!!!
 This I was amazed to find is actually almost exactly like tony's and it made me soooo very happy!!!!
 This is a traditional mozambican style painting that a member did in Maputo of the story of Enos!!!  It looks super cool to me!!!
 This is a picture of my companion crossing the great waters of flood from the rain!!!!
This is my turn!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

 This is the second time I have seen one of these guys...I have absolutley no idea why people do this and put them in front of their houses...maybe its to keep the drunks away!
 This is sideways...oops but it is a picture of Mace Windu's padawan!!!
 This is the great on himself!!!  with a pillao!  I am still working on getting a almofariz to go with it!!!  Maybe I could fit them both in the bags to take home!!!
 This is my beautiful companion Elder Prenoveau as we ride into town on the back of a truck with boxes of empty glass soda and beer bottles in the back...he was slightly uncomfortable!!!
I am now growing hair every where the shaving cream is!!!  I AM NOW A MAN!!!!