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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alex is in London

Post from Mom: SO we got a long phone call from Salt Lake City and he was doing fine. He's the team leader for four elders traveling to Maputo, Mozambique. They fly from SLC to Dallas then to London then Johannesburg then Maputo.  The Dallas/London was 10 hours and he is there right now. After a snafu with the debit card (seriously! After we told them ahead of time too!) we finally got that untangled and got some lunch money.  He has a 10 hour layover in London and can't leave the airport :(
But he's in good spirits and had some fun going through Customs numerous times as one of the elders left his scriptures on the plane and they had to go back and get them. Missionary without his scriptures... well you just can't have that. So they got them and he's fine. 
He would love pictures of anyone who would like to write, and letters of any kind.  I'll post his address tonight.  You will need it even to Dear Elder him, they don't forward.  But he is feeling very far away and would love the comfort of friends and family not forgetting him!
Will post pics as soon as I get them!  <3 Mom

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