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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can't wait for African Immersion

So I feel like I can continue to sit in class but it would be more productive to just get thrown out there in the field with my current knowledge and be immersed in it completely rather than sit in class for way too long every day :P.    I am pretty stoked for general conference and we are going to get to hear from another apostle tomorrow and that is legit :).  We got to hear from elder Holland and Elder Oaks and that was really cool Elder Holland asked for volunteers in his fireside and then destroyed them, it was sad he asked questions and then the missionaries that went to answer had no idea what they were getting into.  I love that aspect of being here the general authorities teach us sooooo much.  I have also seen the talk elder Bednar gave on Christmas about the character of Christ and it rox so much, i learned so much from it.  Anyhow I am way excited to get those pics, whenever you can send them.  Again I kinda like it here, but i cant wait to leave!

Any how I would like to thank Lizard Breath and katie for writing me and thank you katie for the pics i will send back the one you want :).  Thank you for the cookies they rock.  So now that my district knows pics are coming of my "wide armed prom date" they all wanna see so can't wait for that.  Life here it seems like I have been here forever and yet I just got here.  Very excited to leave in 3ish weeks and get to meet the people there in africa and all the wonders that await me.  We spoke to the teacher here that served in Mozambique and he said that instead of saying cool in portuguese they save literally "nice" funny huh, I got my doxycyclene pills(malaria pills) and i almost can't wait to start taking them and get way uber sunburned!(a possible side effectof taking doxycyclene is major sunburn).  I will email more later-

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