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Monday, March 25, 2013

 He's a Big pig you could be a big pig too!!!!  Just crossing the street, ya know normal...
     This thing is amazing I want to make one as well what do ya think dad sound like a fun project?
                         yeah this is a goat being dragged across the street this I thought would be strange to all of you back home...this was kinda funny but we see people transporting these guys on the backs of bicycles!!!
The picture didnt turn out well because I modified it with paint and yeah...but you can still see the T.V. antennas I circled them in black if you zoom in!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

 We had a very adventurous week as far as animals this was the first and most fun.  A chameleon the people here think they are venomous and extremely dangerous and all kinds of stuff the most common question was don´t those bite?  It has no teath how can it bite?
 This chicken was not having a good day it looks like monster is not good for chickens!!!!
 Different reminded me of a pokemon that only has one leg...WHO`S THAT POKEMON!?
     Random pic with kid in awesome shirt!!!!
I wish to apologize to everyone I have a video about our house I was going to post but ran out of time!!!  SORRY!!!  Next week promise!!!!