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Monday, April 2, 2012

Meningue Nice

So yea the food is getting old right quick, but stuff is going alright, and yes I am still with my companion and we ar actually getting along much better now.  The talks; yes I am taking notes on all or most talks here General conference was pretty sweet didnt do all that well at focusing but i was awake!  The talk by elder holland he asked about the first thing that happend in the 1st chapter of 1st nephi and it took for ever for him do get the answer he was looking for which was Lehi prayed then he saw a vision then he told the people about it and they tried to kill him, and he connected that to all the prophets.  We got more new guys this last week and there are seven of them headed to moçambique and they are all pretty cool.  only have 2ish more weeks this is my last normal one!!!!!!  I should be getting my travel plans this thursday.  To Elizabeth I am sorry it is really hard to write letters because I only have 45 mins to do what i want/need each day, but i will try to do better and if u send me your E-Mail i will (thats a promise) E-Mail you at least once a week but please keep writing me dear elders it really makes my day everytime i get one!!  To Katie how are you sweat heart?  I RUV ROO MUITO (lots) and if you can I would love to get some dear elders from you, I LOVE the pictures you sent and i will be shipping Roxas back some time today everyone in my district that knew who he is said it rox(pun intended).  MOMMY!!!!! I LOVE UUUUUUUU!!!!!!!  I am starting to really enjoy my time here now that I am prepping to leave.  I am so excited to be leaving and going out to actually teach real people in the semi-real world(jk) the mozambique teacher told us about another cool word: Meningue(very) Nice(cool) funny huh?  OH and one of the new elders has seen all of the star trek stuff and his fav was also DS9 so yea best series in star trek, you smell what I'm steppin in?(funny phrase I learned here i think it is hilarious) I have stopped saying things are cool or sweet...and started saying legao which is one of the words for cool in portuguese along with fishe(pronounced feesh).  UGGGGGH can't wait to go teach, and then come home and educate you all in the ways of the mohicans i mean moçambiquans.  To Dad I dont think I have your E-Mail so I'l write thru MOMMY who I love.  So I hear the closet is nearing completion and my room is also, if you have any updates on that i would love to hear.  Mom says you took her laptop, I am sure it is an exageration.  How's work? How's Elder's quorum?  Any info is good info!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL    KAPLAGH!!!                                    Elder Alexander "Duck" Awbrey

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  1. Good to read your blog. I'm glad that you are almost ready to go out in the field. I know you will be a great Elder. We both love you and are proud of you. Grandma and Grandad Awbrey