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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So sorry for hardly writing you last week I was somewhat distraught about transfers and couldn't even think about what to write!!!  Now I am in Magoanine(magwaneenee) and it is the strongest branch I have served in up to now!  I can just focus all my energy on missionary work!  And ignore everything else!!!  We are working super hard but have 0 investigators so we are pretty much starting from scratch and we are spending a lot of time walking around in the sandy streets trying to do contacts meaning find the people that want to learn about the gospel!  I am exhausted at the end of every day just totally physically drained!  It's really nice and I hope it stays that way and I hope the sand will give me some super sexy thighs and calves!!!!   WOOWOO!!!  They're sore every day so I can't imagine how this could not happen!!!  I am also reading in the book of psalms these days and am enjoying it immensely!  Psalms has so much fun stuff in it!   Also I have been brainstorming with one of the elders in my hows about possible jobs for me and I am seriously thinking about become a Pediatric dental hygenist!  I am thinking it would be super nice to get a degree in that and a degree in business management so I can open my own clinic and make my own hours!!!!  MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Of course I will suffer a little season while trying to make the money in order to start said clinic but...PERKS=HUGE!!!!  Then when I'm olde I will pay somebody else to run the place and retire!!!!  YAY!!!!  Your thoughts on this plan would be greatly appreciated!!!!  LOVE YOU KAPLAHG!!!!

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