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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So Momma what I meant by pedraitric dental hygenist  I actually meant Dentist but was unaware that they were not one and the same...and I thought it would make me look smart to say it in the most complicated way possible!  I am now writing both of you beautiful lovely briliant daughters and I feel so blessed to have them write me!!!  

     The work here is going well, I feel as if I am working in Tatooine because we had a type of sand storm yesterday and I had sand everywhere...all orifices of my body!!!  ungood not nice!!!   However we found a member family here that is super nice the husband is a returned missionary and wants to work with us to help the work here, he also gave us three referals who are all families and we are super excited to meet them.  I hope everything goes well with Philip and the wedding and such!!!   Lovez DFTBA!!!

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