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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Learning Portuguese

ok the format on this thing is sooooo messed up but I will try to respond to what i think was moms email. 
1. Yes meu companheiro is going 2 mozambique, and there are 3 others going 2 mozambique and i have met 2 elders going to florida to speak portuguese and i met one elder headed to california speaking
 2. All the elders i have met that are going to mozambique are going with me :).  They said there is going to be a 10 HOUR lay over in london :().
3. I would like  duct tape()don't remeber why but it was a good reason.
4. Nope no stories, I am a spiritual zombie(you can put that on my blog) I eat sleep learn and teach...that is it, oh and i wrestled someone today and walked away feeling like i had been hit by a truck, last week i ran for 30 mins straight on an alyptical and i now way 146..5 pounds so do u have any record of my weight pre mission?
5. Ok spiritual experience...ummm i have learned enough portuguese to maybe have written most of this letter in portuguese without help hows that for the gift of tongues?

And Dad I am soooooo sorry thank you so much for eveything again I just can't think about everyone i need to thank and write and I am so sorry i forgot you please forgive me i love you! ;).. Oh and thank you for your letter I know you sent it for ever ago but I am just now getting around to thanking you for sending it I don't remeber whatn it said but i remeber it really helped me keep getting along.
                                                              KAPLAGH! Elder Awbrey

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