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Monday, March 19, 2012

Add AR and make a verb

     Sorry bout da photos I will try to do better.  I am so excited about the cookies and pictures and stuff.  Elder actually is Elder its pronounced sorta like eldere and the plural is elderes so...
OH YEA ask bishop miller to do the brazil finger snap thing he will know what you mean and i can do it pretty well now so watch out.  Glad you had good talks I gave one yesterday and it was 5 mins all "free style" yea booooy I got so many compliments on my portuguese, it really made me feel good.  I can easily say a decent sized prayer in portuguese and we have been teaching for approximately 4-5 weeks and we are getting better, one of our two "investigators" has agreed to be baptized and to try living the law of chastity for a week! baby steps.  So yea we are getting better at teaching, my district is now the second oldest district in the the branch :(.  Mozambique...ok so the way I understand it in Portugal they speak portuguese, with me so far, in brazil they speak semi-ghetto portuguese, and in Mozambique and Angola they speak ebonics portuguese according to a returned missionary here, they take some english words and through ar at the end and its a verb! Gymar = to go work out, Jobar = to go to work...stuff like that lol.     I am soooo excited about your room thats gonna be awesome when it is totally done.    Is there any way you could send me Lori's E-mail?  There was an elder her who got a package with his fav salad thing still warm after lunch one day and i think it would be way awesome if i could get something like that lol, but seriously I have a "burger" every day (not exagerating) and I would like to remember what a real burger tastes like you know?  Anyhow not a whole ton to talk about...spend most of my time studying and learning so...but i would just like to say that I have grown more here than I thought possible and it only gets better when you get in the field so...WOOHOO can't wait to get out of here!!!!!!
                                                                         (Spent 30 mins writing this, but who cares)KAPLAGH! Elder Alexander 'I'M AWBREY' Awbrey

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