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Monday, March 25, 2013

 He's a Big pig you could be a big pig too!!!!  Just crossing the street, ya know normal...
     This thing is amazing I want to make one as well what do ya think dad sound like a fun project?
                         yeah this is a goat being dragged across the street this I thought would be strange to all of you back home...this was kinda funny but we see people transporting these guys on the backs of bicycles!!!
The picture didnt turn out well because I modified it with paint and yeah...but you can still see the T.V. antennas I circled them in black if you zoom in!!!

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  1. Those are weird tv antennas. I kind of like that motorcycle. Also got an email from your cousin Brody. He's in Denver, CO and it's freezing cold there. He said there were icicles hanging off the cars. We've been cutting the big limbs off our apple trees that were growing straight up. Took us 3 weeks, but we have over a cord of wood for our stove and lots and lots of little limbs for the bonfire of the year. Love you lots, and keep up the good work. Grandma Awbrey