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Monday, March 11, 2013

 We had a very adventurous week as far as animals this was the first and most fun.  A chameleon the people here think they are venomous and extremely dangerous and all kinds of stuff the most common question was don´t those bite?  It has no teath how can it bite?
 This chicken was not having a good day it looks like monster is not good for chickens!!!!
 Different reminded me of a pokemon that only has one leg...WHO`S THAT POKEMON!?
     Random pic with kid in awesome shirt!!!!
I wish to apologize to everyone I have a video about our house I was going to post but ran out of time!!!  SORRY!!!  Next week promise!!!!

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  1. That may be a different kind of chameleon that is in the states. I wouldn't think you would like to find out the hard way, just in case. Your great grandma Awbrey had a 3 legged chicken back in the early 1950's. You look like you're doing great. Love getting to see your emails. Love, Grandma Awbrey