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Monday, February 4, 2013

 The gentleman sitting in the middle of the road seems to be slightly confused but I believe he was somewhat cognizant and was participating in some form of protest, probably about the unfairness of cars dominating the roads!!!
 This is a common battery but it is clear to me that it has a unique power seeing as it is powered by the tri-force!!!
 *sing song*  If you wish upon a star then this lock will take you far!!!
This is probably my most prized possession now if you can zoom in you will see that it has three principles that i think are very apropriate to missionary work "Duty, Sacrifice, Strength"


  1. SO AWESOME! You are in Darkest Africa and find Klingon Battle Standard done in beautiful batique with missionary appropriate slogan in English! What a wonderful world this is! Did you have it made? I mean, really! It's so perfect! <3

  2. TOTALLY a Disney D on there too, you are amazing! I laughed for hours!

  3. Cannot tell you in words how much I enjoy your weekly messages and pictures. Love you lots, Grandma