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Sunday, January 27, 2013

 There´s a frog in my shoe!!!  It´s kinda hard to see but it´s in there!!!!
 I bought this slingshot for about $2 and this is Elder De Oliveira PRETENDING to shoot this random guy!!!
 We were walking y when we noticed royalty sitting on a throne!  These kids are super creative there were a lot of things they built with these blocks!  The blocks are used through a process I would like to learn more about to build roads!
 Look at the top of the unbrella...
I was commanded to touch the indian ocean so here is a video of me touch the atlant uh indian ;) ocean!!!


  1. I appreciate this so much!! Love you!! <3 Mom

  2. Loved all the pictures, and it was fun to see you in that short clip. Loved the "Elder Awbrey - signing off". We are remodeling/refinishing our bathroom cabinets. Got a wood stove last Thursay. Nice to have a warm fire now and then. Love you lots, Grandma