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Sunday, February 10, 2013

 This was an amazing sandwich I put pieces of a chocolate bar on a peanut butter sandwich THEN i nuked it!!!  It was super amazing and I will be doing it some more!!!  I have also started to perfeft the no bake chocolate dreams in a bowl i finally started putting vanilla in it and it was sooooo good!!!!!  Oats+boiled water+cocoa+sugar+peanut butter+vanilla=AMAZING!!!!
 This is Elder De Oliveira eating a pine apple!!!  We bought it for about 25 cents and it was amazing they cut it and leave part of the stem on it so you can eat it like that!!!
                                                              I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


  1. I love that you are perfecting chocolate dreams. Pretty cool. That is also a neat way to eat pineapple. We are both doing fine and so please with you and your mission. Love, Grandma

  2. THanks Honey! That was the nicest Valentine EVER!!! <3 Love you lots :)