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Sunday, December 30, 2012

 This is my companion and I helping one of our investigators carry her things back into her house because it flooded during a rain storm!  she gave us capulanas so we wouldn´t get dirty!!
 This is what briliance looks like...Book of mormon quote
  • Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

  •  This is the possible new house!!!  The door on the roof WILL be closed!!!
    ME!!!!       Before looking at this next picture note that there may be graphic content namely containing the head of a cow on a table!!! with tongue sticking out!!!!  B-WARE!!!!!!!

    HEAD!!!!   sorry it is just super wierd seeing a cow head just being sold on the side of a path in the middle of no where!!!  Oh well I guess its just me...
    This is a picture I took while riding in the back of a truck I wasn´t as quick as would be nice but I like both buildings!!!


    1. Great seeing new pictures! Thanks for posting! The photos of you are the best LOL!! But the buildings are nice. It is very interesting. I am not too surprised to see the fresh beef. Reminds me of dad's slaughterhouse idea LOL! Just don't think it would go over well with the squishy folks here. Anyway, thank you again for your photos they are awesome!

    2. Enjoyed your pictures and comments. I agree with your mom about the cow. Government would be all over you with fines. I don't think anyone can even slaughter their own cows anymore, they have to be done by a certified person. You certainly have an interesting life. I hope things will go well for you and your companion and you will find people who are interested in learning the gospel. We are both well. Thinking about replacing bathroom counters with the leftover formica soon. Just need to get some motivation. We love you and are proud of the work you are doing. Love, Grandma