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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter from Alexander

WELL MOMMY HERE GOES!!!  It was a dark and unstormy night/morning we woke up at 3:30 in th A.M. and we quickly prepared our selves for the rigorous Slave labor that we would soon perform(not actual slave labour it was actually super fun, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!!) We walked rapidly almost to the limits of our endurance(not really) in order to get the the designated meeting point at which we had previously agreed with our source!  When we got there, we sneakily yelled SENSA!!!(short lazy portuguese for excuse me!!)  and response...We then tried again, this time a little louder but still very sneakily SENSA!!!!!  Then the gentleman with whom we had planned our Mission appeared in the door way very mysteriously...  We then met with the one who was hiring our services(his mom).  She then led as we moved to the "job".  We walked until the sun came up ; ) and then we walked some more all the while pushing ouselves to the limit, to the point of near exhaustion!!  As we walked I noticed a tree it appeares as any other tree it was tall with branches and leaves and some *sharp intake of breath* flowers!  Any other mortal may not have caught the significance of such a tree as this but I with my keen mind and masterful deduction skills noticed the shape of the leaves and the color of the flowers and saw it for whats it trully was...A MANGO TREE!!!!  I was taken aback to see a mango tree on the way to our mission because there are only approximately 5000000000 Mango trees in the city of maputo!  Continuing on with our journey we came to a village or rather a small group of shacks!!  where there was a nearly destroyed bus waiting for us!(actually no exageration here it was just about done!) We boarded our chariot
fit for the gods!  And it began to move towards our mission site!!  I and one of my comrades spent nearly the entire journey on our feet due to the hostility of the surrounding province we were given weapons in order to defend said bus!!(jk all exageration here we stood so the old people could sit!) We then at long last arrived at our destination and made our way to the machamba (mashamba a farm basically) and we helped her prepare some land for planting and gor quite a few blisters, I also learned that when you pack some sandy mud between your blister and the tool it doesn't hurt to work!!!!  And it helps the healin process(I think) we worked there for a few hours then we headed home and rested our weary bones a bit!!!  How did I do mom?!?!
   Investigators, we have been trying to get some couples that want to learn about the gospel but they either have no initial interest or they stop being home when they planned to sit with us...However we have a man who seems to be full of interest and drive to read!!!  He is 26 living with his parents and is working as a guard(that is one of the most popular professions here(random fact guns are outlawed here)) We are trying to find a strong family that will learn and grow together, but it is a work in progress!!! 
   For thanksgiving we had hotdogs sliced o so delicately and cooked in tomato sauce and mayonaise with some onion and garlic!!! Followed by a cake which we sliced into fourths and I ate my whole fourth without a problem!! 
     I am starting to realize how easy it is to start good habits here and if I didn't grow at all as a member I would still come back with tons of good habits hopefully that would last but I am growing as a member and as a disciple of Jesus Christ, we were watching the past general conference and I greatly enjoyed Elder Holland's talk on the apostles and how he connected that with missionaries, it was super meaningful!!!  I have made plans to study the last chapter of John shortly before going home so as to remember it!!!!  Anyway I love you all DFTBA!!!!

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  1. Good news. We just heard that your cousin Brody Beus is going on a mission to Colorado Denver South, Feb 13, 2013. He will be 19 in June so he is one of the new missionaries that get to go early because the age change that President Monson announced.
    We are done with the kitchen remodel. Just need to do a little bit of touch up on paints, etc. Even new lights. Enjoyed your letter a lot. Love, Grandma and Grandad Awbrey