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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

 This is the great one himself! oh sorry Yea this is I Sir Elder of Awbrey! With my new Capulana shorts I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!
 This is also the great on himself but this time he is borrowing an awesome hat from an awesome investigator!!!
 This is the great one...ok its just the sun but the picture looked cool!!!
 This is a combination of old and new!!!  carriage with tires!! Ahah! 
These shorts a royal purple but my camera didnt grasp the purple very well...these are for you LIZ!!!

Eveything here is starting to become normal which is kinda wierd and pretty cool at the same time!  My language skills are improving quite rapidly!! I dont have the most extensive vocabulary yet but I have been told multiple times that I speak very well!  I think I speak portuguese with a french accent because people often ask me if I'm from france WOOT french immersion ROX!!!! Everything is awesome here in chimoio espesially the temperature, way nice its like and autumn day in louisiana everyday!!!!!


  1. UR Awesome! LOVE the pics, so very much. Thanks for the update too. I am glad your French Immersion comes in handy

  2. Love the updates. Such an awsome missionary. Love, Grandma