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Monday, August 27, 2012

sorry about that didnt take a ton of pictures this week and last week I didnt do a whole lot either but I am taking lots of video which is not uploadable :(.  This is a picture I took while we were helping a family make bricks in order to build a house!!!  The bricks are made of mud.  Just mud,  yea and the mortar they use to keep the walls together guessed it!! also mud!  yea mud is a multipurpose item here!!  The child sitting on my shoulders is one of the children of the single father we are helping in this pic!!  They are a family that is probably going to be getting baptized quite soon so we are all excited about that!!!!  I promise to take more pictures this coming week!!!  But video is just so much more!!!


  1. Awesome picture of you! Sure love you lots!

  2. Love the pictures and the comments. Keep up the great work. Lots of love, Grandma and Grandad Awbrey

  3. You should be able to post video here too. I wonder if you have to host it somewhere first. Well, as long as you're taking pics and vids that's great. Looks like that kid really got his finger in your ear LOL!